Life as a Fellow

The essence of leadership is influence, which is what you do everyday during the Fellowship.

As a Fellow, you lead hundreds of students in the classroom as a full-time, paid teacher, so to prepare to lead broader changes tomorrow.

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Your journey as a Fellow begins once you accept your offer to join Teach For Hong Kong. We will help you become a strong classroom and community leader through rigorous summer training, extensive coaching, and professional development. At the end, you will become a better leader who is self-aware, open-minded, enterprising and collaborative.


Summer Institute | Jul - Aug 2020

Your Fellowship starts with our intensive Summer Institute

In the six-week summer institute, you would be equipped with the skills and knowledge on teaching, education innovation, career and leadership development.

Our partner, Quality School Improvement Project (QSIP) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, teaches you essential pedagogy techniques and provide you real teaching practices before you start teaching. 

Apart from practical teaching skills, we invite leaders across sectors to share how they lead education changes in education, government, business and other sectors. Workshops by our cross-sector partners also sparks your ideas on how to innovate inside and outside of your school. 

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Teaching As Leadership

You learn the essential teaching skills through a training residency powered by CUHK Faculty of Education, and get hands-on teaching experiences via one-week of mock teaching sessions.

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Cross Sector Collaboration

You meet with a diverse group of business, policy, nonprofit and education leaders to brainstorm how cross-sector resources can be leveraged to affect student changes. Leaders from LinkedIn, Uber, Citibank, HKSAR and more have come to share with our Fellows.

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Personal Development

Different leadership training sessions will equip you with core competencies such as communication skills, strategic execution, empathy, empowerment and more.

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You are employed as a full-time teacher with a monthly stipend of $12000.

But as Fellows, you have the freedom and support that no other teacher has.

Teaching Placement | Sep 2020 - Jun 2021

Your 10-month teaching journey starts after the summer institute

Your 10-month teaching journey starts after the summer institute. You are employed by the school as a full-time teacher with a monthly stipend of $12000. But as a Fellow, you have a high degree of freedom and enough space that no other teacher has. One-third of your time would be leading formal classes, the other two-thirds of your time will be spent on leading extracurricular activities, planning student’s life and career education individual mentoring and preparing engaging lessons for students.

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Leading Formal Classes

One-third of a Fellow’s day is to lead formal classes. Our Fellows have the freedom to design, conduct and work with students in the classes.


Extra-curricular and Coaching

Fellows spend time creating extra-curricular activities, conduct academic coaching and spend extra time with students. By building intimate relationships with students, our Fellows are able to understand and tailor their support to each student’s needs.


Life & Career Education

Leveraging TFHK’s network and Fellows’ expertise, our Fellows bring students to expose to possibilities that were previously unattainable. Our Fellows brought students to visit companies, compete in science contests, explore different careers, etc.


Your role in the school is not only to teach your students, but also understand the challenges of underprivileged communities and schools and experiment with new pedagogies. By challenging the presumptions in education, connecting cross-sector networks into your classroom, bringing external resources that your students would otherwise not receive, not only will you expand your students’ horizons, but create rippling influence to your school’s policy, culture and development, benefiting students for years to come.

Professional Development

We commit to nurture you to be leaders

In our Fellowship Program, you are not only an influential teacher for your students, but a leader who moves changes in our education system and beyond. We commit to providing you with on-going training and support to launch your leadership journey during the Fellowship.


Professional Development Friday

TFHK supports Fellows’ development through monthly professional development sessions. The sessions are run by TFHK Staff, Alumni, and other community partners. The sessions cover topics from course delivery and management skills, to career planning and cultivating leadership.

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TFHK Support and Mentors

Fellows engage in regular self-reflections facilitated by their Leadership Development Officer and school mentors. They conduct classroom observations to review your teaching, discuss about your progress and challenges, and develop strategies to improve your practices.

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Career Development Support

We provide structured career support system to transit Fellows into high-impact careers through mentorship and coaching, professional training and career explorations.

More about our career support ▸


You are joining a community of 100+ Fellows who are diverse, yet united by the common vision for education equity

Your TFHK Community

It takes a collective force to change the education system

Joining TFHK means you will have a highly supportive professional network which includes over 100 Fellows and Alumni who are equally committed to providing an equitable and excellent education to all children. You and your Fellow community learn, work and support each other through challenges and wins at every stage.

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We need a collective force to fundamentally change the education system and achieve a fairer education. While the impact of an individual is limited, our influence is exponentially magnified when our network of 100+ Fellows and Alumni collectively lead the charge to bring education equity. 

After the Fellowship, you can continue your fight for education equality with other Alumni. Some of us is bridging business with education, while others are pioneering new solutions and creating new education pathways. No matter which sectors you work on, you can still reimagine and change the educational world. 

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Be a leader for hundreds of students

Next Recruitment Cycle Deadline: Dec 1 2019