Classroom Today Defines Our Tomorrow

Our one-year, full-time, paid Fellowship program nurtures the most promising young talents into future leaders to bring education equity.

And it starts with teaching.


The Challenge

Children’s backgrounds dictate their future successes.

Economically disadvantaged children often receive less exposure, education resources, support and opportunities. Our education system is not designed to enable all children to realize their potential.

4.5 yrs

below in academic abilities compared to other students


less likely to be admitted to universities


underprivileged students can’t pay for education

While there is no single solution to education inequity, it starts with a community of leaders. They take children’s perspective, understand real challenges, and commit to changing the system.


While there is no single solution to education inequity, it starts with a community of leaders.

They take children’s perspective, understand real challenges, and commit to changing the system.


Create Impact You Can See

Placed as a full-time teacher, you lead long-lasting changes on your students, with freedom that no other regular teacher has, to challenge education’s presumptions and test new ways of teaching. 


Advance Your Leadership For Change

The essence of leadership is influence; that is you do in the classroom.

We invest in you to be the best leader and help you enter high impact careers with our mentors and employer network.


Join A Purpose-driven Community

Our Fellows are unique in their experiences, but united by the common purpose to reimagine our education system.

You learn, work and support each other as a collective force to lead systemic changes. 

Life In The Fellowship

We invest in you to become the best leaders in classrooms

The key to leadership is to inspire, motivate and change people. Once you step into your classroom, you start practicing by leading hundreds of students. We will help you become a strong classroom leader through our summer training, extensive coaching and ongoing development.

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6-Week Summer Institute

Your Fellowship starts with an intensive six-week training program, in partnership with CUHK, where you will equip skills and knowledge on teaching, education innovation, career, and leadership development.

10-Month Teaching Placement

You will be placed in our school with a $12000 monthly living stipend. Besides getting first-hand experience and understanding of how to create change, you will also practice being a great leader in and out of the classroom.

Professional Development

To support your growth, our team provides monthly professional development sessions by TFHK Staff, Alumni and community partners. We pair you up with a coach and a leadership development officer to facilitate your growth.

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The essence of leadership is influence; that is what you will do every day in your classroom

We make sure you are the best influencer for your student, so you can become the best leader for our future.

Life As An Alumni

The Fellowship is just your start to leading change

Your first step to leading change begins in Teach For Hong Kong, but your journey lasts a lifetime.

Our Alumni continue to lead changes that they wish to see in our city after their Fellowship. They take their empathy for the students and experience as a leader for change to high impact careers to continue the fight for education equity.

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Teach For Hong Kong provide you with training, coaching and access to professional networks to build your impactful career post-Fellowship. We partner with corporations and experts in career development to support you in building your impactful career after the Fellowship.

Our Employer Partners and Mentors Come From


Our biggest asset is our diverse community. We seek outliers everywhere who can challenge presumptions and lead changes in and out of the classroom.

Who Are We Looking For

We find promising talents from all backgrounds

We look for people who have diverse experience, capability of growth to lead and eagerness to reimagine the system. We seek people from all walks of life who align with our mission and have the potential to become future leaders of influence for education equity.

In addition, Fellow must be aged 30 or under, holds a bachelor degree in any field of study, has a track record of strong leadership, and has a long term commitment to working in Hong Kong.

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Our Application Cycles

Our earliest application cycle is ending in November 3rd 23:59 HKT

We offer three selection cycles. As our applicants are evaluated on a rolling basis, we encourage all people interested in the program to apply as soon as possible to secure a spot.

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All Changes Begin In Classroom

Next Recruitment Cycle Deadline: Dec 1 2019