All changes begin in classrooms

Our one-year, full-time teaching Fellowship program recruits passionate individuals to teach underserved students.

Make this your early career choice to develop as a leader through this unique teaching experience.


Teaching: the most direct way to change our future


Education underpins the prospect of our city. However, the success of our students is still dependent on their socio-economic background.

Teaching has the most direct influence on a student’s future. By helping students realize previously unknown possibilities, they are able to take better future paths, and our society can prosper.



Students live below poverty line


Less likely to get into universities


underserved students Can’t pay education cost

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Real impact through teaching

You are placed as full-time teacher to create positive changes in the classroom. You make direct impact on your students’ academic and personal development.

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Advance your early career

Through leading the classroom, you will hone your communication and leadership skills. After the Fellowship, you bring those skills to your career. We help you transit from teachers to leaders with our vast network of mentors and employers.

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A year to explore yourself

Our Fellows often find their purpose because the teaching experiences broaden their perspectives of life. You are joining a community of ambitious Fellows, alumni and mentors. This eye-opening experience and communal support are often the reasons how our Fellows discover their meaning.


A day in life of a Fellow

Everyday is different for our Fellows, from counseling students, planning lessons with other Fellows, to learning new ways of teaching and bringing students out of their classrooms.

Ultimately, our Fellows are showing their students the possibilities of their potential, and equipping themselves to be better leaders.

Leading Formal Classes

One-third of a Fellow’s day is to lead formal classes. Our Fellows have the freedom to design, conduct and work with students in the classes.

coaching and activities

Fellows lead extra-curricular activities, plan life and career coaching and bring students outside of the classrooms. By building strong relationship with students, Fellows are exposing them the possibilities that were unattainable.

Fellows development

We provide additional trainings for our Fellows throughout the Fellowship. They will not only learn how to better design and lead their classes, but also leadership and communication skills that are invaluable to their future career.


Life After Fellowship 

Your mission for education doesn’t stop after the year-long Fellowship. Our alumni take their unique experience of leading underserved students to their desired fields and continue bettering our education across all sectors.

We help you transition from teacher to leaders with the following initiatives:

Professional Trainings

Leadership, communications and execution skills training at Summer Institute and during teaching placement

Career Coaching and Networking

Opportunities to explore career paths and showcase your potential to our partners and the public

End-of-Program Capstone

Consolidate your learnings from the Fellowship and think of ways to apply them to your future career

Fast Track Interviews

Fast-track interview opportunities with renowned companies dedicated to education in Hong Kong

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Where did our alumni go


Inspired and informed by their students, our alumni go on to be lawyers, entrepreneurs, managers, engineers, teachers, other professions or further studies, so to continue with their education mission.




Kelly Lam

Management Trainee, Hang Lung

Expert Profession


Karen Tsang

Trainee Solicitor, International Firm



Raymond Yang

Cofounder, Just Feel

Social Impact


Stephanie Chan

Discovery & Education, Ocean Park Hong Kong



Nikita Kan

Physics Teacher, Heung To Secondary School

Further Studies


Mookie Chau

MSc Mathematics, Cambridge University


We are a growing movement


For last 4 years, our Fellows have taught classes, brought their students out of their classrooms, and built strong relationships with their students. They have impacted tens of thousands of students directly through sharing their knowledge, broadening their horizons and supporting them.








Who are we looking for


We are looking for young individuals aged 30 or under from all walks of life who are one of these:


Education Changemaker

Eager to drive systemic changes to education

Equality Ambassador

Aspire to improve the lives of underprivileged communities

Purpose Explorer

Wish to take a gap year to pursue your purpose of life

In addition, Fellows must hold a bachelor degree in any field of study, have a track record of strong leadership, and have a long term commitment to working in Hong Kong.


Selection Criteria 


Each prospective Fellow will go through three rounds of selection. Throughout the selection process, applicants are rigorously assessed against eight competencies that are continuously refined based on experience and evidence of effectiveness in the classroom.

The eight competencies are: strategic planning & execution, professionalism, enterprising & openness, resilience & grit, sensitivity towards others’ needs, self-awareness, cross-sector engagement and empowerment & teamwork.


1. Online Application

Complete your Part 1 of 2 application here. Once part 1 of the application is submitted, we will send you part 2 of the application via email, where you share with us your background and accomplishments.

2. Pre-assessment

Selected applicants will be invited to complete the pre-assessment task by email. Each applicant will be asked to prepare two videos – Self-Introduction & Teaching Simulation (5 minutes per each).

3. Assessment Center

You will be joining with other applicants to exchange your views and experiences. Online interviews via Skype are also available if you are based abroad and cannot attend one of our in-person sessions. 


Change our future one child at a time


Final Deadline to Apply: 24 March 2019