Our Selection

We want our Fellows to be passionate, diverse, capable of growth to lead and eager to reimagine our education.

You, along with 100+ other Fellows, will form a community of leaders to collectively bring education equality and a fairer future for our city.

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Our selection process is challenging because it is very difficult to be an inspiring and influential leader in and out of the classroom. As an acceptance rate of 5.4%, we put our candidates from universities around the world and diverse industries through a rigorous selection process, evaluating their passion, potential and commitment to education equity.

Recruitment Cycles

We encourage you to apply early as we admit on a rolling basis

We offer three selection cycles. As our applicants are evaluated on a rolling basis, we encourage all people interested in the program to apply as soon as possible to secure a spot.

Early Action

Submission Deadline: Nov 3, 2019

Applicants in this round will have the priority in assessment and offer. As admission is on a rolling basis, applicants in this round will have a higher chance of admitting to the Fellowship.

Regular Decision 1

Submission Deadline: Dec 1, 2019

The first regular decision cycle corresponds to recruitment cycles of most corporations. Most applicants complete their applications in this cycle.

Regular Decision 2

Submission Deadline: Mar 22, 2020

As admission is on a rolling basis, spots available in this round will be limited based on the results of the previous two rounds. Applicants are encouraged to apply in earlier cycles

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Who We Are Looking For

Our Fellows are proactive, open-minded, empathetic leaders

We are looking for candidates who are proactive and open-minded to new ideas and challenges, have strong leadership and analytical skills, and are capable of assessing any situation with diverse perspectives, strong communication skills and being a good team player are essential. An excellent command of English is a plus

We value candidates with commitment and efficiency in action, mutual respect and passion in all actions taken, as well as having the courage to stand up for their own beliefs.


We specifically look for the following three qualities in our candidates.

To Challenge Yourself

Embrace new ideas with open-mindedness and tackle challenges with proactiveness

To Lead Others

Empower the entire community together and work towards achieving our vision

To Reimagine Systems

Envision and dedicate to deliver long-term social changes


In addition, Fellow must be aged 30 or under, holds a bachelor degree in any field of study, has a track record of strong leadership, proficiency in Cantonese and has a long term commitment to working in Hong Kong.

More about our Fellows ▸

Our Selection Process

Our challenging selection finds people who can be a great leader in and out of the classroom

Each prospective Fellow will go through three rounds of selection - online application, video assessment and in-person assessment center. Throughout the selection process, applicants are rigorously assessed on their vision alignment, growth mindset and interpersonal ability. These elements are all crucial to being an effective leader inside and outside of the classroom..

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Step 1: Online Application

Complete your Part 1 of 2 application here. Once Part 1 of the application is submitted, we will send you Part 2 of the application via email, where you share with us your background and motivation for joining TFHK.

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Step 2: Video Assessment

In this stage, you will share your personal experience, accomplishments and aspirations for education. Each applicant will have 30-40 minutes to answer a number of questions.

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Step 3: Assessment Center

You will join by other applicants to take part in a group-based discussion to exchange your views and experiences. Online assessment centers are also available if you are based abroad and cannot attend one of our in-person sessions.

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After You Are Selected

Your TFHK Fellowship Starts When You Accept Our Offer

After you are selected, you will go through a school placement and on-boarding process. You will be placed at one of our partner schools based on your preferences and requirements of our partner schools.


TFHK On-boarding

After you are selected, you will sign a participation agreement with TFHK. You will meet with Fellows from the same cohort and participate in a brief introduction session of TFHK Fellowship Program on the same day.

School Placement process

After your on-boarding session, we will match you with one of our partner schools. There is a school placement meeting with the school administration to determine your fit with our partner schools. Before the school placement meeting, our team will help you prepare and walk through the meeting with you.

School On-boarding process

Once you successfully complete your school placement meeting, you will sign a full-time employment contact with the school and meet with your school mentors to confirm your teaching loads. Once you have onboard with your school mentor, you are ready for your 10-month teaching placement.

Summer Institute

Summer Institute is a 6-week training program from early July to mid-August that requires mandatory attendance. It is a rigorous, hands-on experience that prepares you with the knowledge, exposure, skills, mindset and inspiration needed for your 10-month teaching placement and further career and leadership development.

More about Summer Institute ▸


Licensing And Qualification For Overseas Graduates

Fellows who possess educational qualifications awarded by granting body/bodies outside Hong Kong (i.e. First Bachelor Degree was obtained overseas) are REQUIRED to apply for a Qualifications Assessment conducted by The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) to access the totality of your educational qualifications which should meet the standard of one particular level of qualification in Hong Kong. For more details, please refer here. The assessment cost is HKD 2,750 and the Fellow will bare the full cost. Financial aid is available on an individual basis.

You may also double check whether your qualification is recognized under the Qualifications Framework (QF) on its website. As it is MANDATORY for you to obtain such recognition before teaching in our partner schools, please kindly complete it as soon as possible as it takes time to process your application.

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How long is the whole recruitment process?

Our overall recruitment period will run from late Sep 2019 to May 2020. During the period, you will go through the following stages, 1) Online Application (Part 1&2), 2) Video Assessment, 3) Assessment Center, 4) Offer and 5) School Placement. Offer announcement will be made in Jan and late Apr 2020 respectively (subject to when you apply).

I am currently studying abroad. What should I do?

If you are currently abroad and may not be able to participate in coming assessment stages in person, we will have further arrangements for you. More details will be announced in due course.

How many Fellows are we going to recruit this year?

We do not have a specific target recruitment number. However, we envision a class size of approximately 45-50 Fellows for the coming year as we keep upscaling our Fellowship and endeavor to create greater impact to the society.

Is there any difference among the recruitment cycles?

There are THREE recruitment cycles in total, with earlier cycle applicants having more chances to be accepted as we admit on a rolling basis. The cycles help us to better facilitate the recruitment process. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to submit application as early as possible to secure a position in our Fellowship.

I don’t have experience/ knowledge in teaching, am I still eligible?

Of course! We value diversity of each candidate, in terms of their academic background, personal experiences and learning exposure. Teaching is definitely important but it is not a prerequisite to join Fellowship as we will provide teaching training and support during the 6-week Summer Institute and with ongoing training sessions.

What is School Placement process like?

School Placement process will take place after your acceptance of offer. During the process, we will match you with one of our partner schools based on your preferences and abilities. You will be invited to meet with the school principal and teachers at the school placement meeting.

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Ready to be an inspiring leader?

Next Recruitment Cycle Deadline: Dec 1 2019